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[Abstract] Kato Rosa is a Japanese actress and model, was born in Yokohama. Wong Tak temple in Kagoshima City Schools, colleges and universities in West Kagoshima Kagoshima Prefectural graduation

How to develop their own in life , we can let the people who pay attention to you , how can there be a little sexy train
Note that to a little sexy , not dirty , some people wear very conservative but also sexy , some people re-exposure , there is no feeling , to fashion , European fan, low-key .

In fact, men do not like women love to dress up
But more Kanji Yan , as good-looking.
Married man looking for a woman that he would find the kind of simple , do not spend a long time in front of the mirror , there are a lot of girls like to head down payment is not tied up . Fact, men still prefer to tie up . . nor hot rolled his head which is what is what . clean enough.
Some girls summer dress pants .. but wearing a warm winter underwear . Outside the set of a short base. Wearing boots. Lane like a young woman. Men do not like it , but will see more ..
In fact, in turn, worn on the right, wearing a soft summer light color long skirt . Above should not be too exposed , this will distasteful , but still willing Kanji Yan ..
In winter it will wear pants . Big coat . Scarf .. sneakers . Did just lovely . Men like cute

Get Your Disney Princess-Themed NAUGHTY Lingerie

Get Your Disney Princess-Themed NAUGHTY Lingerie

Nowadays, you can get married in a Disney Princess-themed wedding dress, while you exchange Disney Princess-themed rings and dance to a Disney song at a Disney-themed reception. Well, you know what comes next, because you waited until marriage to have relations, right?!
Well, if you didn’t wait (gasp!), you can still wear lingerie that was designed to honor certain Disney Princesses. Bellemaison, a Japanese online retailer, is selling undergarments for the sexy Disney-lover in all of us. Are you a Cinderella kind of girl? A Belle devotee? You’re in luck! Oh, is Jasmine your fave? Sorry, no naughty panties for you.
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Currently, only Beauty and the Beast’s Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora and Tangled’s Rapunzel are represented on the lingerie front. At first glance they all look the same, but if you take a closer look you’ll see some subtle differences that could be nods to their princess personalities:
Belle: By far the simplest of the set, because Belle was born and raised as a simple town girl who just wants to get lost in books. And of course, there is a rose to pay homage to the rose she very nearly destroyed with one irresponsible touch!
Cinderella: A lot of white and blue, just like her ball gown. We also like to think some of it is see-through, much like her glass slippers.
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Aurora: Controversial statement alert: Aurora is one of the hottest Disney girls. So it’s only fair she gets a lot of flair and embroidery on her lingerie. Aurora is also the mythical Roman goddess of the dawn, which is represented…nowhere on the bra or underwear.
Rapunzel: Homegirl loves her purple, so obviously it had to be that color. Plus, we are taking the corset pattern on the front of the underwear as a symbol of how she was kept from the world for so long, tied to her solitude. Hm. We might be reading way too much into this Japanese lingerie. Time to stop.
What Disney Princess-themed undergarments would you wear? And which princess needs to be honored next?

Inner beauty and spiritual beauty about women

Noble woman to see her underwear . Romantic woman watching her pajamas. Sexy lingerie woman looking at her perfume. Temperament woman looking at her watch. Worships money and women look at her bag. Lovely woman looking at her friend. Sensual woman watching her article . Virtuous woman watching her signature dish . Romantic woman watching her pajamas. Petty woman looking at her makeup bag . Connotation of a woman to see her parents.
Bra is only at the beginning of the last century appear . In 1914, American Mary Philip Jacobs made ​​the first bra patent , she will two handkerchiefs tied together with a ribbon made ​​in the history of the first bra. In 1928, the company launched a pro Dengfeng underwear bra with cup now widely used . Italians like to wear red underwear, Argentines like to wear pink underwear, and Brazilians will put on new underwear in the new year ‘s eve .
Adam eating the forbidden fruit of the first reaction was : open your eyes and found himself naked , which he created a sense of shame !
Each girl has underwear complex, it seems to be our dream, gorgeous , scene but tangled on her luxury is always felt like a poor step , looking in the window , she could always dreamed of a more pieces , and we seem to be competing with myself , and it seems that we just love their way only.
Lingerie is a piece of clothing , the United States can play a dripping delicate clothes.
“Women want to know how to take care of the man , but to know how to take care of themselves , do not want to put myself really confused all day like a yellow face wildly …… ” “lady ,” says he likes the most feminine ! Seasons are wearing dresses, big wave hair shawl is very elegant. High heels set off her curvy graceful figure , it is very charming.
But, when it comes to feminine ! Surprisingly feelings of .
What is the real feminine ? “Lady ” feminine yet ? The answer is no doubt ! But there is another woman taste it ?
She did not look gorgeous , nor voluptuous figure , not high art and high quality education to nurture , not to mention high-level perfumes and cosmetics to wrap up
She was just in marriage siege , relying on fuel vinegar tea, salt and bittersweet love child with dirty socks out of tune feminine ……
This may not be a large degree of feminine beauty to attract men ‘s attention , but in the halls of the marriage , so feminine certainly make you feel the true meaning of marriage !
Such feminine experience and feelings to be careful , she will not end with the passing Shaohua lost . On the contrary, such a protracted feminine , face getting older, more prominent feminine , so feminine accompanied by the man she loves life ……
Unfortunately, many men simply hurried to catch up with the passage of the water, while ignoring the quiet scenery around .
The woman, more to learn to love yourself. You can not nines, you can haircut, but the important thing is that we must live self-confidence and self-esteem !
Confident woman will naturally give off a calm water of the United States, such as the United States, is not any cosmetics are carving out .
No matter how busy , but also to take care of yourself. Do not slovenly , do not be too harsh myself not unkempt , do not think married indulge yourself on a ” yellow face .”
Slim also more not only to cultivation. If you have time I would like him to see some books! The chance to read more, intelligence and temperament naturally improve. No man wants to believe that a woman is ignorant and rude vulgar !
Xiuwaihuizhong has a temperament elegant woman, should be every man dream of it ! I think ……
The most important is that wisdom is the only way to accompany you to the old stuff ! It will not disappear and aging ……
Lovely women , do not think of myself as a man who attached accessories ; do not try to do a man’s lover, this relationship is very dangerous, so ultimately lost the game ourselves, consideration will be very heavy. If love , let love keep a certain distance from it ! Do not put your body as a commodity to sell to men ; women ‘s underwear is a fig leaf , do not easily take off your underwear ; especially in front of a man not worthy of your love ……
The relationship between men and women is very subtle, hazy and distance will produce beautiful, once the essence of sexual relations , all the good will with a time of lust Gone was gone. The novelty is gone, he will find you like chicken , you will find him getting more and more indifferent to you , and take off your clothes yellow face and his mouth to say no different , not even as … …
If a man can love you hand pick the stars , not love, treat you like dirt !
Do not easily take off underwear in front of a man , you will not get his cherished , because things will easily hand easily let go ……
Do not say you hurt , because love is not in the flesh in exchange for ! Woman’s body should not be so humble . The heart should be noble !
Things woman , please for the love you love your man to keep feminine ! Please cherish your underwear , do not easily take off ! Once off , it is difficult to wear the back, because as the underwear off and your dignity ……

Beyonce announces a new naughty lingerie video !

Beyonce announces a new naughty lingerie video !

The singer has released his new album, a new cute lingerie shoot video . She confided to his fans and to discuss recent developments in life .
BEYONCÉ Lingerie   video link.


” Visualization underwear album” has been pleasantly surprised by the end of 2013. We know that the queen Beyonce has projects in the pipeline , he was released at the end of this year. But it is a surprise , his album underwear issued 10 days before Christmas . A beautiful gift for his fans who got more video of the song contains a wide range of praise . The singer launched her own lingerie and a little more than yesterday’s post , she explained that she owed her fans who grew up with it in a video.
“I’m thirty years ago today , who grew up listening to my children grew up, she said , I always thought of my kids and their parental responsibilities and I felt like I was choking , I was never able to express everything I want to , I do not have in my life and in my career so many things at this level , I think I earned their own, and that all of them on my right . ”
Sexy days
Some video to ” visual album” Bibiangsi sexy little has been confirmed so far. While it contains a trend , Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus driving , singer thought it was a natural evolution . In particular, the song “Rocket ” video , we see her singing in bed sexy lingerie . By his own admission , Beyonce necessarily acted so before displaying .
“I do not think I would do that , I would not get comfortable enough , she added , I would have been too scared what people will say we , but I forget what the fourth wall , let myself go .” It have begun to defend their new song , and his tour on stage , ” Mrs. Carter show” will take over the road in Europe from February 20 to March 27 .

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